Artistic Projects

Public Speaking Color Timer App (for iOS and Android) to help keep time and focus during presentations.

    • Developed by my student Mustafa Magdy when he saw fellow public speaking students struggling to manage their time.

    • Video Demo

Oratory Games and Game-Changers: a playbook for speaking and writing developed in collaboration with Middlebury College's speaking across the curriculum training corps Oratory Now.

Musician for 60+ ensembles: performance in stage and studio, management, and teaching ~250 lessons.

Commissioned to compose and produce music for 10 films for UC Santa Barbara Department of Film and Media:

    • A Bingo Bus: Dir. Andy Jurgensen, 30 min. documentary

    • Nuts: Dir. Clayton Sakoda, 24 min. comedy

    • Can't You See?: Dir. Alexander Koehne, 9 min. drama

Project Zero (2007), a public experiment to pay for a four-year public university education without financial aid, family assistance, or loans during the national rise of college tuition. Discussions with literary agents halted to focus on grad school and new projects.